Bad Blogger! Bad, bad!

It’s been about a year since my last blog entry.  A few weeks ago, when I checked in on my account here, I noticed that there are still a lot of people who continue to stumble upon this blog, as they research owner training service dogs.  I felt ashamed that my blog has been stagnant, likely leaving visitors with disappointment.  Another reason to be ashamed is that I have learned a lot, through experience, in the past year, that I’ve neglected to share with whomever was keeping tabs on my entries; few and far between as they originally were.  I must be transparent and admit that, after skimming through my past entries, I was tempted to delete those which were indicative of someone who has no idea what she is talking about.  It’s a tough urge to resist.  I wonder how many people will abandon this post, at this point, to go read my earlier entries.

This entry will sum up some of the issues that were addressed in previous entries, as well as offering a brief explanation of my life, as it is, from about a year ago, to today.

Liz and Bradley in the middle of Times Square, New York City

Liz and Bradley in the middle of Times Square, New York City

Liz and Bradley: Where Are They Now?
I am very pleased to announce that fate has given me a very special gift in my partnership with Bradley.  After being accepted to receive a guide dog, from Guiding Eyes for the Blind and changing my mind several times, I ultimately arrived at the conclusion that Bradley is exactly what I need.  Our partnership continues to evolve, as our bond becomes tighter, each day.  Bradley graduated from service dog in training to service dog.

Bradley wears many hats, in his job as my service dog.  He is primarily my psychiatric service dog, but he also does guide work and mobility work.  We are currently retraining his guide skills, as we were unable to go out of the house, throughout the New England winter, and we need to tighten up the skills that he still has.

I will elaborate on all of this in future entries.

Why I Abandoned Ship
As I brainstormed new concepts that I wanted to integrate into this blog, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I needed a platform with  more “pull.”  This is when the idea to create my own website was conceived.  I had yet to come across any websites, about service dogs, that were terribly impressive.  I also realized that there is a significant gap between various groups of service dog handlers and wanted to create an online environment that would foster mutual support, among all service dog handlers.  It was, at that point, when Please Don’t Pet Me was born.

Please Don’t Pet Me is my baby.  I’ve put many hours into the website, as well as managing the communities that surround it, like our page on Facebook and our forum.  Please Don’t Pet Me still has a very long way to go, to even get close to the quantity and quality of content that I plan for the website to have, as well as community involvement, beyond the website and the online environments.

I had wanted to announce the creation of the Please Don’t Pet Me website, several months ago, but wanted to wait until the website had a satisfactory level of content, before sharing it with others.  As I’ve already alluded to, the website is lacking in many areas.  However, one thing that Please Don’t Pet Me definitely has going for ourselves is the support of many people.  The Please Don’t Pet Me page on Facebook currently has almost 1,200 fans/likes and our  moderately active forum has over 150 members.  Without all this support from others, Please Don’t Pet Me would not be where we are, today.Please Don't Pet Me ( Dog Logo

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