Inquiries Welcome!

I won’t be bold enough to assume many people read this blog, without me promoting specific posts, but I hope this reaches enough people- especially those who are interested in any of the topics I’ve written about.

I’m inviting everyone to submit requests or suggestions for specific subject matter to be discussed.  You can ask whatever questions you’d like, whether they’re general or personal.  I’ve already gotten some fantastic suggestions and questions in response to my post about this on Facebook.

Thanks for reading! (Please pass this on, to anyone you think may be interested!)


One thought on “Inquiries Welcome!

  1. I would be interested in you’re process of outlining a task list for your psychiatric needs. I think this is a subject that too many handlers don’t address in a really good way, be it because we don’t want to talk about our issues or just because we don’t think about it.

    I always find your posts informative and I think the original brainstorming and evolution from someone else’s point of view would be a very interesting look at things.

    Jeanene and Service dog Happy

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