A Guide Dog Candidate

It’s been nearly a year since Bradley, my previous guide dog retired. In that time, my life has changed profoundly in several ways. Most significantly, my husband and I welcomed our first child into our family. Our six month old daughter is the center of our world.

During my pregnancy and for several months after my daughter’s birth, I put my plans to train a successor guide dog on hold. I’m so glad that I did because it allowed me to dedicate 100% of my attention to my newborn daughter’s needs.

After many waking hours of reflection, I’ve concluded that I’m ready to begin the process of obtaining my next guide dog.

I’m starting out by launching fund raising campaigns to assist with the initial purchase of a dog who will be my service dog candidate.

The first campaign is a t-shirt fundraiser via Teespring. The theme is “Where there’s a dog, there’s a way.” This is not only a reference to the amazing impact service dogs have on the lives of the disabled, but also to the incredible versatility of the species. Dogs have been enhancing civilization for thousands of years. Whether you have a dog who contributes to your livelihood or have a pet who amazes you on a daily basis, we can all think of myriad examples of dogs making our lives better.

Please consider purchasing a shirt to support my journey with my next guide dog. You can purchase a shirt with this design through February 4th. If enough shirts aren’t ordered, Teespring won’t print them and you won’t be charged- So be sure to share this with your friends to make sure enough are ordered for you to get yours!

Click here to see the t-shirt









3 thoughts on “A Guide Dog Candidate

    • Hi Patchysmom! I certainly have considered it. Service Dog work is very demanding on the mind and body. Buying a dog with a known, sound genetic background is one of the steps one can take to improve the odds of the dog having a long, successful working career.

      I have taken the rescue route before with a very lovely dog. Unfortunately she didn’t work out as a service dog and is now owned by a close friend. My experience with her taught me a lot, including how to prioritize the source I obtain a candidate from.

  1. I encountered a similar situation this summer. As I entered the convenience store with my mobility service dog, in her vest, and mobility gear, I was told that my dog would have to wait outside!
    I said excuse me? She is a service dog. The clerks said it did not matter. I told them that I am here to get my snacks for the beach, purchase some lottery tickets and then, I am going to school you on the laws of the Americans with Disabilities Act. because most people would not be as nice as I am. OK?
    Holly Joy and I walked right through the isles, we got what we wanted and then I told them…This is how it works. She is a service dog. She has been trained to assist me from 8 weeks old until the age of 2 years old. She is wearing a vest that says “SERVICE DOG”, but, that does not matter. If someone comes in here and they have a dog, and the dog is not wearing a vest, there are two thing you are permitted to ask them: 1. IS THAT A SERVICE DOG? 2. WHAT DOES YOUR DOG DO TO MITIGATE YOUR DISABILITY? That is it.
    I am very mellow, and sick. I have no anger, so very nicely I said, “Now, if you would like to continue to give me additional grief, I will file a complaint with the ADA. I believe the fines are upwards of $75,000.00 for non-compliance. The clerks looks at me with their jaws dropped wide open.
    I completed my purchased and off we went…my friends were there at the beach with their service dogs. I called them and said, Holly Joy and I were just denied service at this convenience store…please take your dogs there and see if they give you any trouble and if they do, I am filing a complaint. I just schooled them very nicely. My friends went over immediately. They said those clerks did not even bat an eye!
    She said, “they looked bewildered, like, where in the hell are all of these service dogs coming from!”
    Sometimes you get more honey with sugar than you do with vinegar! God Bless. Be kind to one another and remember that all disabilities are NOT visible.

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